CONTEST 3: Name a Character

DEADLINE:  Send all names to me at, by April 19th.  Limit two names per contestant.  

Hello friends, fellow Romans, compatriots and loyal readers.

I know we’ve promised you results of the first contest, the “Alien Voice,” one.  They’re coming soon, I swear it!

But in the meantime, here’s a simple and fantastic contest, which promises a reward unlike any other.

We are just finishing up our revisions for SOUND BENDER: The Immortal Underground, but we need just a touch of help.  For the life of us, we can’t come up with a name for this one character!  We’ve tried a hundred different names, but nothing sticks.

DEADLINE:  Send all names to me at, by April 19th.  Limit two names per contestant. 

So this is your chance to be a part of book.  Here’s the contest: 

We provide a brief description of the nameless character in question, you come up with a name.  That’s it!  The winning name will be published in the real book.  Really.  But that’s not your only prize for winning.

You’ll also get:

A framed and signed manuscript page where the character is first mentioned.

In the acknowledgments section of the REAL BOOK, we’ll thank you personally for your help.  Sound good?

You guys have to work fast.  The deadline for submitting a name is April 19th.  You may only submit two names.  Not three or a hundred.  You can send your names to our contest email, which is, or you can also post them here in the comments section (but no naughty language!)  Also, if you want to say why you think that name works, or if it has any significance, feel free.  But remember, no real names.

YOUR CHARACTER:  Your John Doe is a hard-nose reporter for the New York local news.  You know, one of those guys who’s always making those reports about crooked mechanics, slumlords, or city-hall intrigue.  One of those reporters that’s always banging on someone’s door at six in the morning to get a comment.  The type of really hyper reporter who would do a story about how WWF wrestling is all faked, and then badger a bunch of pro-wrestlers until one them grabs him by the neck and throws him across the room (there really was a reporter who tried that, and he really did get grabbed by the neck and tossed across the room.)  Get the idea?  We’ve got the character all finished, we just a name for him.   GO GO GO.

DEADLINE:  Send all names to me at, by April 19th.  Limit two names per contestant.